2014 Month of Microfinance


WHAT: Month of Educational, Awareness and Fundraising events for Client-Centered Microfinance


WHEN: April 1 – April 30, 2014


WHERE: Worldwide


WHY: Read our Statement of Purpose


HOW: Take 3 Steps


  • Learn about Client-Centered Microfinance
  • Act in support of Client-Centered Microfinance
  • Grow the Client-Centered Microfinance Movement


For a great wrap up of the 2013 MoMF, check out:



Join the 2014 MoMF Team We are looking for students from around the world to take on a leadership role.  If you are interested, contact us: mofmfi@gmail.com


Join the 2014 MoMF Coalition of Partners – Any organization, foundation, alliance, institute or network that believes in the principles of client-centered microfinance is welcome to join our coalition of partners.  If interested contact us: mofmfi@gmail.com