Business + Social Good Contest from Cornerstone International

How do you use business to achieve social impact?  A game-changer in the arena of impact, business has the potential to invigorate once stagnant activities.  Pursued to create opportunity, business principles bring scale, growth, and sustainability into an equation that was once dominated by social responsibility and compassionate action.

Guess what?  Business opportunity & social responsibility aren’t mutually exclusive ideals.  They can be pursued together, side-by-side, hand-in-hand.

Compassionate business, patient business, social business, impactful business – whatever you want to call it.  Business has a major role to play in the impact space moving forward…maybe the major role.  Neither business nor impact is more important than the other, but both need a seat at the table.

Lasting results, changed lives, and improved efficiency come when the business & impact worlds collide and work as one.

We have some exciting news at Cornerstone International.  Today marks the official launch of our first ever Business + Social good contest, #bizsogood14.  The contest seeks to contribute to the conversation about business as a tool for social impact.

#Bizsogood14 is part of an ongoing Business + Social Good campaign.  We want to provide a venue for organizations of all types – nonprofit, for-profit, and every group in between – to be part of the conversation, to share their ideas, to take risks.  We’re using this contest to launch the campaign, a Cornerstone initiative through which big discussions can take place via guest blog posts, a video series, tweet chats, and so on.

We get the chance to work with social innovators around the globe, and enterprise solutions seem to be what’s on everyone’s mind.  We want to be part of that wave.  We want to reward your creativity.

So how do you use business to achieve a social mission?  Or what ideas do you have?  We want to hear your mission, learn about your story.

The winner of the #bizsogood14 contest will receive 25 hours of free consulting support from us as well as a strategy package with items from our amazing contributing sponsors, including the Month of Microfinance.

Starting today (March 17th) and running through May 15th, #bizsogood14 is looking for creativity, innovation, and the ability to scale your idea.

We look forward to hearing about your game-changer!

Chad Jordan
Founder & Chief Consultant
Cornerstone International, LLC

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