Campus Spotlight – Claremont McKenna College

In 2010, four college students left their comfortable homes in the United States to spend two months living on one dollar a day in rural Guatemala to personally experience the impoverished life lived by more than one billion people around the world.  They did this because they believe that understanding the realities of poverty is the critical first step in addressing the problem. This April, they will release a full length documentary, Into Poverty: Living on One Dollar about their experience.

Follow them into poverty as they fight hunger, E.Coli, and extreme financial stress; yet find hope in the inspiring stories of their neighbors. The film is a compelling yet informative narrative as they get an in-depth look at the potential benefits of microfinance services through research with their neighbors and by taking out a loan themselves.

The experience had such a powerful impact that they gave up other career plans to found their own organization, Living on One, that uses engaging media to inspire young people to confront global poverty through Microfinance. Join their movement on Facebook or learn more at


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