Give a Loan With Milaap’s Free Gift Card!


Until September 12, Milaap is allowing anyone to redeem a $25 free gift card to lend to the borrower of his or her. All you have to do is:

1) Click here:

2) Sign in using Facebook and type in “laborday” for the redemption code and receive $25 on us.

3) Pick a borrower of your choice and make a change! Over the course of the loan, you will be updated with the borrower’s progress to directly see the impact you have made.

Milaap is a social enterprise that connects socially conscious people around the world to India’s working poor through person-to-person microloans. Milaap is a startup that opened their doors in June 2010 with a mission to raising low cost debt for microfinance organization.  In 2011, Milaap became the first platform to enable anyone in the world to directly lend to India’s working poor. Since, Milaap have raised over $400,000 in loans from 4,500+ lenders around the world, impacting over 8,000 lives. Milaap is based out of Bangalore with branches in Singapore and California, U.S.A.

Milaap’s loans are aimed towards providing people with access to skill-development & employability programs and market linked livelihood activities. Unlike traditional microcredit, these loans target specific, essential services that have long term impact such as vocational training and higher education, affordable energy, clean water, safe sanitation and artisans at rates 50% or more cheaper than existing forms of credit available to the poor while maintaining 100% repayment rate.

Milaap’s Mission: “A handout is good, a hand-up is even better. While donations in the form of charity can create great impact, they have a relatively short life-span. By giving someone a loan, you’re giving them a hand up. You’re encouraging borrowers to be judicious and enterprising. Moreover, the same amount that you lend to a borrower can be repeatedly used to fund more borrowers as soon as it is fully repaid. That’s how a small amount of money goes a long, long way.”

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