Lend for America Summit

Registration is now open for the Lend for America Summit (lendforamerica.org), an annual gathering for students interested in microfinance.

Attend this conference to:

1)     Learn the fundamentals of U.S. microfinance and its role in community development

2)     Meet students leading microfinance organizations at universities across the U.S.

3)     Hear from national experts how to start a new microfinance initiative at your campus


When: Sat, Oct 27-Sun, Oct28What: A two-day conference for college students about U.S. microfinance hosted by the Campus Microfinance Alliance.

Where: Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ

Speakers include Leslie Hoffman from ACCION NM, Galen Gondolfi from Justine PETERSEN, and Daniel Delehanty from Capital One among others. Attendees will benefit from interactive sessions that use real life examples and case studies to teach on microfinance in the U.S. and demonstrate ways students can get involved.

The conference is FREE for students to attend. Travel scholarships up to $300 are available as well as discounts on booking travel with American or United Airlines. A full agenda, speakers and travel information is available on our website at www.lendforamerica.org. Attendees must pre-register and space is first-come, first-serve.

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