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Two years ago Chris Temple lived on $1 dollar a day for 8 weeks in rural Guatemala to personally experience what life is like in extreme poverty. With three other people, he filmed the entire experience and has now produced a full-length film, Into Poverty: Living on One Dollar. Check out the 2-minute trailer here: http://bit.ly/IntoPovertyTrailer 

In Guatemala, they wrestled with bed bugs and E-coli, explored the potential of microfinance first hand, and built lasting friendships that drastically changed the course of their lives. They just graduated in May and turned down other career offers to found our own non-profit organization, Living on One. 

We are sharing this with you because you have a unique opportunity to very easily support them and their mission to use film to raise awareness about extreme poverty and impact people’s lives through microfinance. Right now, for every new “Like” on their Living on One Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LivingonOne) a gracious donor will match it with a $1 donation to their foundation. It only lasts 5 days, so please Like and Share. 

A great way to further spread the word is to share the “Maria” photo that you can find on their facebook page. You can link to it here

Your support is what allows them to tell the stories that impact lives and change the world. You can find out more about Living on One here and follow updates from their return journey to Guatemala and future adventures on Facebook.



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