National Two Dollar Challenge

Our friends over at the Two Dollar Challenge have partnered with Oxfam America and RESULTS to launch the 2015 National Two Dollar Challenge this April 6 – 10.  We’re in. Are you?

Here’s their reason why you should be:

Nearly half the world’s population lives on $2 a day. This statistic takes our breath away. It should.

This statistic has also spurred many young Americans to take steps to end global poverty. These steps have taken many forms: mission trips, orphanage tours, donating used clothing, and buying a pair of TOMS shoes.

Some have been effective; a lot have not.

How is this possible? Weren’t we the generation that was supposed to end global poverty?

We were. But we won’t. Here’s why:

When we take steps to end global poverty, we inject ourselves, our efforts, and our programs into a community’s on-going process of economic development. This process is Complex, Long-term, Community Specific, and (should be) Locally Driven. We, on the other hand, are Imperfectly Informed,Culturally and Geographically Distant, and engaged for a relatively Short Duration.

Given the realities of economic development and our limitations, it’s no wonder our efforts have a less than stellar track record.

Do we still have role to play? YESBut, it may not look like the one we were conditioned to expect.

Here’s what we can do:

  • We can know what we do not know about the economic lives of the poor.
  • We can unlearn what we have learned about the end of global poverty.
  • We can exercise our voice. As citizens of one of the world’s democracies, we can take action to support life-saving effective foreign aid.


Sign Up for the National Two Dollar Challenge (April 6 – 10, 2015)!

We’ve joined forces with Oxfam America and RESULTS to open a meaningful nation-wide conversation about global poverty and foreign aid. Finding solutions that truly work will require radical new ways of thinking about the problem.  By asking you to live on $2 a day, we hope to push you outside your comfort zone to critically engage with, and empathetically reevaluate global poverty and your role in its end.

Join a more mindful movement to end global poverty. Take Action by voicing your support for life-saving, effective foreign aid.

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