Thank You!

The MoMF14 Team has lots of people to thank. But, first, we would like to congratulate FA Microloans for winning the MoMF14 Best Microfinance Video Contest! Second, it was a great April. So, we would like to say thanks to:

1. All of our partners for building a global movement focused on client-centered microfinance.

2. Everyone who participated in our #MicrofinanceCanBe Campaign. Thanks for sharing your photos and your thoughts. Check out the #MicrofinanceCanBe Cloud attached to this blog.

3. Our Bloggers:

  • Laura Dick (La Ceiba Microfinance)
  • Truelift Team
  • Jesse Marsden and Sabina Rogers (MicroCredit Summit Campaign)
  • Sam Daley-Harris
  • Ben Warren (Kubaru)
  • Development International Desjardins
  • Kelsey Whitman (La Ceiba Microfinance)
  • Phil Mader
  • Hugh Sinclair (author Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic)
  • Rupert Scofield (FINCA)
  • Rebecca Adamson (First Peoples Worldwide)
  • Sharon D’Onofrio (The SEEP Network)
  • Premal Shah (KIVA)
  • Chuck Waterfield (Microfinance Transparency)
  • Kate DeYoe (Truelift)

3. Those who shared their stories with us in the Autobiographies of Microfinance

  • Ben Wiselogle (Fonkoze)
  • Santiago Sueiro (La Ceiba Microfinance)
  • Chad Jordan (Cornerstone International)
  • SEWA
  • Virginia Green (Manna Project)
  • McKenzie Butler (Five Talents USA)
  • Charity Yoro (Lend for America)
  • Allegra Palmer (Women’s World Banking)
  • Father Joseph (Fonkoze)

4. Strategic Partners who sponsored our contests:

  • The SEEP Network
  • About Microfinance
  • Kiva
  • Citibank
  • Bonsai Movie
  • Students Helping Honduras

5. We want to thank Truelift for allowing us to share their Pro-Poor Quiz with our community. We also want to thank them for allowing us to be part of them announcing their Pro-Poor MFI Awards!

6. We want to thank Imagine Social Good and their intrepid leader Dan Morrison for their priceless pro-bono consulting in the months leading up to MoMF14!

Finally, we need your feedback. Here are two things you can do to help us get ready for MoMF15:

1. Tell us what you want to see next year. How can we improve? How can we become more inclusive? How can we raise up the voices of clients and loan officers around the globe?

2. Share any stories, pictures, video, or mentions of your MoMF14 experience in your local community and/or press with us by replying to this email:

Finally, finally, I would like to personally highlight the incredible and sustained effort of the University of Mary Washington IT Specialist Tim Owens and the students of La Ceiba. These were the young people exchanging emails and having phone conversations with you. As the movement grew and grew so did their workload. Through spring break, through exams, and through the Two Dollar Challenge they did not falter. They kept their heads down, persisted and got what had to be done, done.

I have listed their names below (hyper-linked to their LinkedIn profiles). So, you should definitely give them a call if you are looking to fill a position!

Thanks for making MoMF14 wonderful! Until next April, take care.  – shawn

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