Want to learn more about key topics in microfinance?

April is the month of microfinance and what better way to celebrate than by learning more about microfinance and financial inclusion.

The Microfinance Gateway is excited to be a media partner for the 2015 Month of Microfinance. Since 2000, CGAP‘s Microfinance Gateway has been a valuable resource for individuals and organizations working to advance financial inclusion for the world’s poor. The Gateway welcomes more than 1 million annual visitors from over 200 countries, who recognize the Gateway as the web’s leading resource for knowledge and career development opportunities in microfinance and financial inclusion.

The Gateway hosts content in four languages: EnglishFrenchArabic, and Spanish. Our English site is global and each language site shares similar features, but specializes in content relevant to its region.

April is an excellent opportunity to browse our site and learn more microfinance and financial inclusion. Amongst the many resources in the Gateway, you’ll find:

• More than 8,500 papers, case studies, and tools covering 38 topics in the industry

Job and internship opportunities updated daily

• A comprehensive calendar of events and training  

• Answers to your frequently asked questions about the sector

Throughout the month of April, the Microfinance Gateway will be collaborating with MoMF and will be showcasing content related to microfinance on Twitter, with these tags: # MoMF15 and #microfinance. Follow us on Twitter: MF_Gateway.

The Gateway is the community’s website. We are committed to present a wide range of views, perspectives, and information available on the sector. We are excited to share content on the latest trends and developments in microfinance. Celebrate the month of microfinance with us!  

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