Fonkoze Departmental Assembly

Client Participation
Piyon, Haiti

During the month of April, Fonkoze clients participate in Departmental Assemblies in all 46 branches throughout Haiti.
At these assemblies, the clients discuss issues affecting their credit centers and select representatives to attend Fonkoze’s General Assembly in July.
The General Assembly gives all of Fonkoze’s ti machann the chance to voice their concerns, complaints, and successes through democratically elected representatives. Approximately 200 of these representatives travel to Port-au-Prince for one weekend every summer to provide feedback to Fonkoze leadership, learn about new Fonkoze programs and initiatives, and share in fellowship with peers from all over the country.
At the General Assembly, the delegates also elect their representatives on Fonkoze’s Board of Directors. Client members make up five of the Board’s nine seats, ensuring that clients play an ongoing role in determining Fonkoze’s direction.

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