How can I get involved with the movement & the Month of Microfinance?

Individuals, student microfinance clubs, microfinance institutions, and networks, associations, and organizations that focus on microfinance can:

1. Endorse our commitment to client-centered microfinance.   

2. Become a Partner

3. Organize and host an awareness/fundraising and/or educational event during the month of April.  If so, Contact Us and we will advertise the event on our homepage and facebook page

4. Contribute to the content of our homepage by suggesting a resource to be posted on our Learn, Act, or Grow pages

b. Submit an internship or employment opportunity (Contact Us)

5. Submit a blog post

6. Like us on Fb: http://www.facebook.com/MofMFI

7. Spread the word about the MofMF

8. See our Act Page for more ideas.

How do I find out information about microfinance?

Visit our Learn Page and review resources for both domestic and global microfinance. 

What can I do before April?

1. Spread awareness about the Month of Microfinance on your campus and surrounding community

2. Begin planning fundraising and awareness raising events on your campus (Events)

3. Begin planning educational events on your campus (Events)

4. Reach out and connect with microfinance institutions, networks, associations and organizations in your community.

Is the movement just for April? What happens after April?

After April, we continue to learn, grow, and connect.  Conversations and connections continue on MFI Connect.  Indeed, we begin planning the 2013 Month of Microfinance.  If you are interested Contact Us.

Where can I find a list of student microfinance events?

See our Events Page – here you can find a list of Events you can host and/or participate in.  If you have any suggestions, please Contact Us

Where can I find a list of microfinance internships and jobs?

Visit the following links: Internships and Employment.

How can I post my organization’s event on the site?

Contact Us and we will be sure to post and publicize your event.

How can I get a microfinance practitioner to speak to my organization?

Review our list of partners and see if they are located in your community.  If so, Contact Us and we can connect you with our partner.

What are some microfinance organizations my club can fundraise for?

You and your microfinance club can choose any organization to fundraise for.  If you operate your own microfinance institution, then fundraise for that.  If not, then fundraise for one of Our Partners or any other microfinance institution. Review our Contests to see how you can win prize money for your Microfinance Club or Microfinance Institution of choice.



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