Future of Microfinance

Pursuing a Balanced View of Microfinance, Sangham Press Release

Debate: Moving Financial Inclusion Beyond Microfinance, David Roodman, Milford Bateman and Chuck Waterfield

How a Microfinance School Program Encouraged Dropouts, Freakonomics

Microfinance Transparency Blog, Hugh Sinclair

Learning from a Heretic, Larry Reid

Microcredit doesn’t end poverty, despite all the hype, David Roodman

Microfinance CEOs respond to Washington Post Article, Meghan Greene

Discussion Questions:

  • What other unintended effects of microfinance are there, and how do we measure them?  Do we need to expand the conception of what microfinance can do in order to appropriately study it?
  • Given these unintended effects, how do we avoid them?

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