Campus Spotlight: University of Mary Washington

[youtube][/youtube]La Ceiba – a collegiate microfinance institution staffed and operated by students at the University of Mary Washington – premiered their first video for the Month of Microfinance. La Ceiba was founded in 2008 and provides financial, social and educational support to communities in El Progreso, Honduras. Here is La Ceiba by the numbers (since beginning operation in the spring of 2009):

  • Total Number of Participants: 75 (clients, artisans, and Business Plan Competition Participants)
  • Number of Loans Given: 157
  • Total Amount Loaned Out: $17,725.00
  • Average Loan Size: $113.00

 To learn more about La Ceiba visit their homepage

Are you doing something inspiring during the Month of Microfinance?  If so, apply to have your Microfinance Club and/or Campus in the MoMF Spotlight!

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