Jonathan Lewis – “Stop Watching this Video!”

Last spring, members of the MoMF Team had the opportunity to hear Jonathan Lewis speak at the Microfinance Conference USA in New York (“Storm Warnings from International Microfinance”). In a rousing speech, he asked the audience of domestic and global microfinance practitioners the following questions: Is microfinance a movement or an industry?  Is microfinance value-driven or profit driven?  Haven taken up those questions as our own, it is only fitting that Jonathan Lewis launch the 2012 MoMF!

Jonathan Lewis is the Founder/Chair of MicroCredit Enterprises and the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Opportunity Collaboration.  His latest project is iOnPoverty.  iOnPoverty “produces online videos about working for economic justice. Candid, filmed conversations with accomplished social entrepreneurs (called Pathfinders) catalyze the best and brightest of the Millennial Generation by providing the information they need to advance economic justice careers.”

iOnPoverty has provided a promo code for the MoMF: mfmusa2012 (Case sensitive!) This Promo code entitles MoMF stakeholders to a free 2012 membership (value: $15.00), but IMPORTANT: promo code must be used on or before May 30th

iOnPoverty also provided additional resources: a MoMF Leaflet (with promo code) with the instructions to print as many copies as stakeholders like or need and the permission to share  the leaflet with campuses participating in the MoMF.  There is also an iOnPoverty Organizing Handbook.

Enjoy the interview and have an incredible April!



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