Spend Your Spring Solving Real Problems!

Slide1uMARK.IT (http://umark.it) is looking to hire a Software Engineer Intern for the Spring semester. We’re tackling some of the planet’s largest development problems, and we have a range of projects to choose from so you receive practical experience and a nice piece for your portfolio while helping us achieve our goals.

About uMARK.IT:
Bookkeeping can be intimidating and time consuming while most solutions require access to desktop computing. As a result, most of the 400 million entrepreneurs in the developing world are forced to track their finances by hand. Until now!

uMARK.IT empowers entrepreneurs in the developing world with mobile accounting tools. Our flagship product delivers an affordable, accessible bookkeeping solution by using SMS text messages to collect and disseminate data. Unlike other solutions, uMARK.IT is usable by 79% of those 400 million entrepreneurs in the developing world.

With better data, entrepreneurs can make better decisions to help their business grow, and lenders can make better loans to help close the $2 trillion credit gap experienced by micro and small businesses in the developing world.

You want to solve real problems. You’re comfortable with modern web development tools (we’re using Ruby on Rails). You can write basic SQL queries to find the information you need. Engaging physically with users sounds like a good idea. You dig mobile. You like Nooka watches.

A small monthly stipend will be provided, and yes, you can work virtually. If you’re interested, give us a shout with your resume or portfolio at hola@umark.it.

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