We are the Student Microfinance Movement

When we first came together as a coalition of student organizations, we asked ourselves two questions: (1) who are we? and (2) why are we here?  You will find the answers in our Statement of Purpose (below).  We believe that all organizations working in the field of microfinance should ask themselves the same two questions.

We are a community of student organizations with a passion for microfinance and an intense commitment to learning.  We invite you to join our community and the conversations we are having about microfinance:  Should microfinance be value driven or profit driven?  Are we an industry or a movement?  However, before joining our community, you should know a few things.  We are here to listen and explore.  We are here to question and challenge.  We are here to evaluate and critique.  We are not here to simply accept what others conclude are the “best practices” or future of microfinance.  In sum, we are not beholden to anyone’s “narrative” regarding microfinance.  Indeed, we affirm our right to offer an alternative narrative.  That narrative begins with our motivations.  We are here to build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.  Their well-being is paramount.  We are the Student Microfinance Movement and we claim the month of April for microfinance clients around the world.

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