Kiva U Program Intern


Kiva U is a movement which harnesses the energy, passion and creativity of young leaders and educators to address the world’s critical problems through microfinance. Kiva U brings together students and teachers in a virtual community where they can access tools and resources, to create opportunity for people around the world. Through experiential learning, digital collaboration, Kiva’s crowdfunding, and the power of convening, Kiva U empowers students and educators to become better informed, empowered, and active agents of change. 

As Kiva’s intern focused on growing the reach and resources of Kiva U, you will play an important role in empowering students and teachers around the world through Kiva’s new and innovative education initiative. You will participate in program and resource development, outreach, and social media strategies. We are looking for an individual who is a self-starter and loves interacting with a wide range of people, is exceptionally organized and detail-oriented, and loves to learn.  This intern will be a primary point of contact for Kiva U students and educators. 

There are over 3,700 school and university teams around the world who are a part of Kiva U, and this number is growing rapidly.

This is an unpaid internship. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Identify, manage, and grow the presence of Kiva U on internet-based social communities (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)

  • Coordinate and facilitate national / international network Kiva U teams

  • Develop and launch social campaigns, competitions, loan-raising and educational programs, and contests

  • Analyze campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising these programs

  • Create new promotional materials and kits; ensure all materials are up to date

  • Reach out to new schools, professors, and other partner/microfinance organizations

  • Identify key metrics and track growth with schools and campuses

  • Play a vital role in website development and content management

  • Required Skills:

  • BA/equivalent degree

  • Some experience with campus organizing or some type of student leadership position

  • Creative, flexible, and able to work independently

  • Dedicated to spreading awareness about microfinance

  • Extremely organized

  • Willingness to reach out to microfinance organizations, student groups, and professors across the country and internationally

  • Ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel

  • Some website development or management experience preferred

  • Has excellent verbal and written communication skills and an ability to work individually on a project or in a team environment

  • Is self directed, eager to meet and exceed objectives, and excited to take on more responsibility

  • Brings to the position organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines

  • Ability to communicate results to manager and operate in a fast paced environment

  • Ability to plan, organize, and evaluate tasks at hand as well as foresee upcoming creative opportunities

  • Someone with a “ready to help” attitude

  • Strong commitment to ethics, honesty, and integrity in conducting business

  • Must have own computer to bring to Kiva

  • Benefits

  • Opportunity to join the team of the world’s first online person-to-person lending platform.

  • Robust microfinance education and career development opportunities.

  • References gladly given to successful participants.


Resume and cover letter required.  Please specify your availability in the cover letter as well as providing us with three references. 

Location: SoMa, San Francisco, California
Organization: Kiva
Organization Website:
Date: 05/14/2015 – 03/17/2015
Contact: Kiva U at for more information.

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