Technical Marketing Internship


WorldCover is improving income security for smallholder farmers in developing countries. More than 70% of the 2.5 billion people living at the “base of the pyramid” throughout the world rely on agriculture for income and sustenance. Farmers face a number of major risks to their livelihoods, including unpredictable weather and crop price variation. As a result, these risks adversely affect how farmers choose to borrow and invest to improve their business, reinforcing a cycle of vulnerability and poverty.

WorldCover is building a peer-to-peer investment network to channel low-cost capital to farmers, enabling them to increase productivity and cope successfully with risks. We have a strong network of support including development economists, international social investment lenders, field researchers, and local African innovators.

In this internship, you will gain an opportunity to work directly with founders on both the front end customer gateway and our international marketing strategy. We have a variety of challenging goals and will fit them to your skills and objectives. You will be helping to build a service that will allow potentially billions of people to break the cycle of poverty.

Location: Flexible (or NYC)
Organization: WorldCover
Organization Website:
Date: 04/01/2015 – 05/31/2015
Contact: Chris Sheehan at for more information.

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