Submit a Blog

We are looking for multiple voices from multiple places in the microfinance community. Here are the details:


How will we use your blog?

Your blog will be posted on the MoMF Blog with the goal of engaging and educating the microfinance community. It will be shared with our community via our social media channels.

Who is your target audience?

Your audience will consist of microfinance experts, researchers, practitioners, enthusiasts and students (high school, college and graduate students). The goal of the MoMF Blog is to stimulate current and prospective members of the microfinance community to critically examine their motivations and methods in the microfinance space, while simultaneously directing them towards effective ways to engage in more client-centered approaches to microfinance.

How long can the blog post be?

We request that your post be no more than 1,000 words.

How should you format the blog?

Your blog can be returned in the body of your email reply ( or as a Microsoft Word document.

How do you submit?

Please return your blog via email ( The editor will review and then post your blog.

II. Expectations

The MoMF is first and foremost and educational initiative. We are looking for guest bloggers to take on the role of educators. We are looking for blogs that are engaging and informative. We are also looking for blogs that are accessible to visitors interested in microfinance and concerned about issues surrounding poverty. A couple suggestions:

  • Have an engaging title
  • Include a picture we can use as a featured image
  • Append a brief biography at the end of your blog.

III. Editorial Guidelines

1. The MoMF Team assumes editorial responsibility for the blog and therefore makes all decisions regarding the publication of any contribution from a guest blogger.

2. Blog entries are subject to the following ethics: Disparaging remarks in relation to others’ ethnic or racial background, sex, sexual preference, age, disability, socioeconomic background, etc. will not be tolerated. Blog content must have respect for the privacy of other persons.

3. Bloggers shall refrain from engaging in any political, religious, or commercial proselytism.

4. Blog entries are not a commercial opportunity. Please refrain from overt promotion of yourself and/or your organization. Nor are blog entries an opportunity to engage in personal attacks and/or overt criticisms of named organizations. The blog is a platform to critically explore and evaluate the larger ideas surrounding microfinance and client-centered microfinance.

5. The MoMF Team shall, for its part, respect the diversity of opinions articulated on the blog. We are educators not censors.

6. The MoMF Team will work with guest bloggers in the case of any needed modifications to his/her blog post. In cases where edits or changes are made to your post, the MoMF Team will provide you with the reasons for its decision.